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Little Red Riding Hood

Walking in the forest of deep shadows

I stumble along the path of despair where I was once loved and enriched with light and happiness

Green pastures and sunny skies.

Now I live in a dark place deep in the shadows of night .

Just As little Red Riding Hood I walk down the path oblivious to the evil that lurks in the absence of light.

Unaware that even behind closed doors I can be tormented to fear.

I am deceived by the flashy exterior once felt with love and whole heartedness.

Blinded by the appearance of comfort,

Like a light bulb burning bright in a dark room I am awaken from deceit.

With raging emotions I burn bright like a candle that once burned slowly with every morsel of unfair despair that I was given. I was beaten down to oblivion.

Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

I am deceived

The appearance is faltered the eyes are vacant the soul is present but the spirit is missing

I am deceived.

I was sleeping in the house with a ravenous wolf whose goal is to devour my happiness bring me to the trenches of loneliness and unhappiness.

Once comforted by the false appearance but now with an open mind

I can no longer be compromised.

No longer blinded by unbridled love

I am uncircumcised

I am Little Red Riding Hood.

I may have been disgraced and deceived.

Beaten down by the false serenity of my dreams,

But now I am

Vibrant full of love and life yet unknowing that the love of a home I once felt is no longer a peaceful environment.

It’s a desolate nation with disastrous memories of hate, lies, denunciations, and deceit.

I was oblivious to the scene of this changing world; naïve to think that evil not only lurks in the outdoors but can



and sleep in a room beside me.

I was once walking along the foggy distant road sailing along through the dark skies

All the while my emotions are drowning in pain on the inside


His Sharp teeth of painful words that once cut deep to the my vibrant flesh

Now no longer hold me captive

These words were once bruises on my flesh that ran deep.

But bruises are not permanent they heal with the correct nourishment and time.

So I heal with words and bask in the silence of my own spirit,

This little scared child now growing in love and style has become a woman.

Never forgetting that once upon a time not long ago,

Little Red Riding Hood is and was me.