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My Hair

Growing up I always wanted to fit in

It was hard to be the only person with brown skin and thick curls

I stood out with my full Lips and hips

I wasnít the object of a manís desire.

Diversity was a concept unknown to me

So I tried to blend inÖ

I avoided the sun in order to not risk getting any darker. I hide the curves of my hips with baggy jeans

Flat ironed my curls letting my hair become silky smooth

I changed my whole soul to blend in with those.

Everything was all good until the day I turned 22

My hair began to thin and break off

My body begin to take on shape

My lips could never be hidden

My golden complexion began to fade

I stared in the mirror and could not recognize the woman staring back at me.

So I listened to music to set my mind free,

Began to rebuild my emotional disconnect from the self-hatred of my skin and curls.

From the natural curls to the thickness of my strands

To the natural look of a big Afro to the flat ironed beauty

I am proud of who I am

My hair shows my ethnicity

My lips speak with truth

My eyes have been the windows to my soul

The tears I cried

The pain I have witness

I can attest to this

Sorry India Arie I am my hair

For I am

Multifaceted multicultural all wrapped in emotions built together

by the strands of my hair I stand strong

I am brown beautiful and strong