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Reflection of Me

In the past few months I have been in a whirlwind. I made friends lost friends.

Felt more alone than ever before yet I know I was never truly alone. Wonder how that can be?

I lost a man whom I put my whole heart soul mind spirit and faith in.
That was my first mistake.
I know that this was wrong in retrospect. But I thought our love was a fairy tale or even fate. ..

I put faith in a human being verses taking in the love and protection from my God above.

So this last year proves a startling revelation in my life..

I needed more faith.
I seemingly did everything right on the outside. . But my inner conscious proves something was just not right..

I needed to build my faith in the things unforeseen and yet to come. I needed to build and see that my God has delivered me from my personal challenges my metaphorical parting of the Red Sea...

you see I was blinded by his eyes and sweet tone of his voice. The curl of his hair and the lies coming from his lips..

I was blinded by a man of illusion not of reality.

Reality is a man can be beautiful in appearance and slick with words of confidence but a loving spiritual husband can change your outlook on life..

a good man can make your face smile but a spiritual man gives breath of life he grows with you and helps you realize. .. Nothing is greater than your relationship with God...
At least not to me..if you dont understand that then you truly can't be the man I need...