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The Woman I Need to Be

While the tears dripped down my cheek

I stood there in silence I could not speak

Realizing the man who had my heart and soul

Could be so cold

I cannot think of how the times have changed

From when I was his love and saving grace

Nothing could separate us from our embrace

Until he kicked down the barrier

Spoke the words that I ultimately should have known.

He watched my soul break into pieces

While i cried until I had no tears left to shed

As he brought another woman into our bed

So I cry

I cry for the children I will never know. For the love I will no longer taste

For the man who has made me feel shame and disgrace.

I cry until the tears are dry.

Until I realize that tears help for a moment but the ultimate hope is

Bringing back the woman I used to be

A woman who was independent and free

Not one torn down by the man of her supposed dreams

One step at a time

One moment in time

I begin to write instead of cry

I feed my heart soul and mind

Learn to let go..

And become the woman I not only need to be but the woman I want to be for eternity.