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Our founder and D.E.O. (D.I.V.A. Executive Officer) Anastasia Isabella entered this raging planet on July 16th. She started Ana Poetic Rose LLC along with her business partner and artistic engineer -bd- in 2010.

Growing up as the youngest child, she developed her artistic love by writing poetry in her diary. Expressing her thoughts in poems, despite letting others dictate her likes, dislikes, dreams, friends, and ambitions; never once trying to make herself happy she cared only to please others, she suffered from low self esteem. She focused on her academic achievements, where she excelled in math maintaining high honors throughout her school years.

At the age of 16, her English teacher had the class write in journals daily. Anastasia took to the assignment fervently, and wrote poems. A good friend read a short poem Anastasia had written, and had Anastasia write the poem on her photo album. Her first poetic success. This moment in time was the beginning of Anastasia trying to gain confidence.

She submitted her poem to an online poetry contest and won.

One day after a horrible breakup, she looked at herself in the mirror and saw a beautiful self assured woman trapped inside a skinny scared shy girl's body. She cried and poured out her heart, and began to write into her Diary once again. The words flowed and she felt herself slowly feel healed from the pain with every poem she wrote.

She started her company Ana Poetic Rose LLC as a promotions and marketing company to showcase poetry and help artists develop a larger audience.

After several years of compiling poems, she released her first poetry book, Diary of a Poetic Rose on July 16th, 2011, a poetic autobiography documenting her life. With such a great response and success her second book, Stolen Secrets of a Poetic Rose was released on June 26, 2012. These books were an Ana Poetic Rose LLC production from the book cover, layout, format, and all promotions/marketing development.

Our company provides marketing and promotion, web design, graphics, book covers, layout, posters, business cards, flyers, and/or anything else you may need to help give your work the attention it deserves by finding your target audience and the proper tools to reach them.

We believe in the arts and strongly believe in our company.

"Keep Sharing the Dream and Stay Inspired"...

~Always Anastasia Isabella, DEO~

For further information please email us at anapoeticrose@gmail.com/click here